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Listing of Streets in Piece 2038

Superintendent Registrar's DistrictRegistrar's
Sub - District
Enumeration DistrictEcclesiastical
Street Names
DudleyRowley Regis7Rowley RegisGorsty Hill (1 of 2)
Slack Hillock
Gorsty Hill (2 of 2)
Waterfall Lane (1 of 2)
Torry Street
Waterfall Lane (2 of 2)
Powke Lane (1 of 2)
Higgs Colliery
Dudley8Rowley RegisPowke Lane (2 of 2)
Tupps Hose Row
Moor Lane
Hymns Hill
Yew Tree Lane
Shepperds Pole
Black Heath
DudleyRowley Regis9Rowley RegisRowley Village
Mackmillons Green
Bell End
Top of Bower Lane ?
Rowley Hall
Spring Row
Church Row
Dobbs Bank
Siviter Lane
DudleyRowley Regis10Rowley RegisHawes Lane
Tippety Green
Perrys Lake
Gadds Green
Turners Hill
Cock Green
Treacle Street
DudleyRowley Regis11Rowley RegisKnowle
Springfield Lane
Dudley New Road
Blackberry Town

09 - 2039

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