09 - 2039

Listing of Streets in Piece 2040

Superintendent Registrar's DistrictRegistrar's
Sub - District
Enumeration DistrictEcclesiastical
Street Names
DudleyRowley Regis17Reddall HillNew Pool
Scholding Green
Five Ways Road
Five Ways to Corngreaves
Cradley Heath
King Street
Tibbetts Gardens
DudleyDudley18Reddall HillDarby & Pargeter's Colliery
High Street (1 of 2)
Beggars Row
Bellows Terrace
DudleyDudley19Reddall HillNew Town
Four Ways
High Street (2 of 2)
Corngreaves Road (1 of 2)
Queen Street
Corngreaves Road (2 of 2)
DudleyDudley20Reddall HillSpinners End
Plants Green (1 of 2)
Reddall Hill
Plants Green (2 of 2)
Lawrence Lane
Peartree Street
Peartree Lane
New Street
Wilks Fold

09 - 2041

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