09 - 2040

Listing of Streets in Piece 2041

Superintendent Registrar's DistrictRegistrar's
Sub - District
Enumeration DistrictEcclesiastical
Street Names
DudleyTipton1St. PaulsDudley Road (1 of 5)
Dudley Road, Bloomfield Wharf
Dudley Road, Tipton Wharf
DudleyTipton2St. PaulsDudley Road (2 of 5)
Back, Dudley Road
Dudley Road (3 of 5)
Factory Street
Factory Houses on Canalside
Hurst Lane
Dudley Road (4 of 5)
Dudley Road, Back Houses
Dudley Road (5 of 5)
Dudley Road, Houses on Wharf
Dudley Junction Locks
Factory Locks
DudleyTipton3St. PaulsHigh Street
Bell Street (1 of 2)
Bell Street Alley
Alley to High Street
Fosters Yard
Chapel Street
Back of Chapel Street
Mills Alley
DudleyTipton4St. PaulsBell Street (2 of 2)
Hall Street
Union Passage
Castle Street
DudleyTipton5St. PaulsLow Green
Park Lane (1 of 2)
Earl of Dudley Colliery
Park Lane (2 of 2)

09 - 2042

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