09 - 2057

Listing of Streets in Piece 2058

Superintendent Registrar's DistrictRegistrar's
Sub - District
Enumeration DistrictEcclesiastical
Street Names
DudleyDudley24Not ShownSpring Mire (1 of 2)
Scots Green
Holy Hall
Park Head
Spring Mire (2 of 2)
DudleyDudley25Not ShownBug Hole
Low Town
Holly Hall
Harts Hill
West Street
Wood Street
Chapel Street
Vine Street
High Street
DudleyDudley26Not ShownPedmore Road (1 of 3)
Blue Pig Row
Pedmore Road (2 of 3)
DudleyDudley Woodside27Not ShownWoodside
Pedmore Road (3 of 3)
Pear Tree Lane

09 - 2059

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