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Listing of Streets in Piece 2068

Superintendent Registrar's DistrictRegistrar's
Sub - District
Enumeration DistrictEcclesiastical
Street Names
StourbridgeStourbridge19ChristchurchTop of Wash Bank
Crab Street
Upper Lye Waste
Hayes Brick Yard
Careless Green
Careless Green House
Foxcote Farm
Oldnall Hill
StourbridgeStourbridge20Christ churchWaste Bank
New House
Perrins Lane
Lug Brook
StourbridgeStourbridge21AmblecoteCoalbournbrook (1 of 4)
National School
Coalbournbrook (2 of 4)
Tobacco Box Hill (1 of 2)
Coalbournbrook (3 of 4)
Brettel Lane
Dennis Park
Collis Street
Tobacco Box Hill (2 of 2)
StourbridgeStourbridge22AmblecoteCoalbournbrook (4 of 4)
The Platts
Dial Lane
StourbridgeStourbridge23AmblecoteBridge Road
Holloway End
The Hill
Pitmans Yard
Youngs Yard
Littlewoods Yard
Glass House Yard
Gasometer Yard
Wharf Offices
Fosters Ironworks
Amblecote Lane
Amblecote Bank
Penns Hill
StourbridgeStourbridge24St. JamesThe Rough
Spade Works Yard
High Street (1 of 6)
Enville Road
King Street
High Street (2 of 6)
Hume Place
Bridgenorth Road (1 of 2)
The Ridge
High Park
Duncimbe Street
Skinner Street
Cobden Street
StourbridgeStourbridge25St. JamesWollaston Lane (1 of 2)
High Street (3 of 6)
Poutney's Terrace
Yardley's Row
High Street (4 of 6)
New Street (1 of 3)
Wollaston Lane (2 of 2)
New Street (2 of 3)
Sproats's Row
New Street (3 of 3)
High Street (5 of 6)
Laburnum Street
High Street (6 of 6)
Wood Street
Tividale (1 of 2)
Bridgenorth Road (2 of 2)
Ridge Field Road
Tividale (2 of 2)
Stourbridge Wharf

09 - 2069

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