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Register of Wills, 16 June 1862


The Will of William Finney, late of Waterfall Lane in the Parish of Rowley Regis in the County of Stafford deceased, who died 21 December 1861 at Waterfall Lane aforesaid, was proved at Lichfield by the oaths of Samuel Willetts of Littleton Hall in the Parish of West Bromwich in the said county, Coal Master, and Samuel Lewis the Younger of Rowley Regis aforesaid, Nail Master, the Executers.

Effects under £4,000


Probate (16 June 1862) of the will (dated 17 Jan. 1861) of William Finney of Waterfall Lane, parish of Rowley Regis, Staffs., brick maker.

Household effects to wife, Hannah, for life; messuage in Waterfall Lane and another adjoining it, 3 messuages at Old Hill, parish of Rowley Regis, a messuage at Powke Lane Bridge in this same parish, 3 messuages in Hagley Street, Halesowen, Worcs., and 2 in Hawse Lane, Rowley Regis village, upon trust for wife for life; then 1 messuage in Waterfall Lane to daughter, Ellen Hingley; income from the 3 at Old Hill to Ellen for life, then the property to be divided between Ellen's children, Mary, Sarah and Elijah, with benefit of survivorship if any die before the age of 21; Powke Lane and other Waterfall Lane property, upon trust for daughter Sabrina, wife of Joseph Mills, thence upon trust for sale with the proceeds divided amongst her issue; 3 in Halesowen to son, Richard Finney; 2 in Hawse Lane upon trust for sale. Messuage and a cottage in Waterfall Lane, and 3 plots of land there, upon trust for sale (no life interest to wife), and with Hawse Lane property and personal estate, and income from proceeds paid to son, Richard Finney for life, thence to be divided between Richard's issue; 50 to grand-daughter, Mary Hingley, as specified.

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