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The Will of John Woodhouse 24th October 1727
Proved Worcestershire 17th November 1727


In the Name of God Amen. I John Woodhouse of the parish of Rowley Regis in the county of Stafford yeoman being infirmed of body but of good understanding praised B to god for the same having in mind the certainty of death but the exact uncertainty of the time thou of do make and ordeyne this to be my last will and testament to how in most humble manner I bequeath my soul unto the hands of Almighty god who gave it humbly conferring in his infinite through my blessed Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. My body to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my executors named and as to such worldly estate as it hath pleased Almighty god to entrust me with. I give and dispose thereof in manner following. (Vizt) IMPRIMIS I will all of my debts and funeral expenses be paid and discharged ITEM I give devise and bequeath unto my loving wife all that my house and land with the appurtenances thereunto belonging where in my son John Woodhouse now dwelleth TO HOLD to her and her assignors during the time of her life and after her death. I give devise and bequeath the same unto my son John Woodhouse or his heirs and assignors for ever. ITEM I give devise and bequeath unto my son Joseph Woodhouse all that my messuage Dwelling house or tenement with the barn and croft or close of ground and buildings there unto belonging thats in the holding of William Bissall with all and every of their appurtenances. TO HOLD the same unto my son Joseph Woodhouse his heirs and assignors for ever. ITEM I give devise and bequeath unto my two daughters Mary Woodhouse and Ann Woodhouse the sums of forty pounds apiece to go to them such paid by my executors hereafter named when they achieve the ages of one and twenty years apiece but in case either of them shall happen to dye before they shall attain such age as one and twenty years I will bequeath the share or part of the so dying to be equally shared and divided and amongst all those of my children share and share alike. ITEM I give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin Woodhouse after my wife decease all and singular my stock of cattle whatsoever and also my wagoned .. and implements of his and devise my wife that she take care at her death to leave the same to my son Benjamin on the value of work thereof as the same shall be valued and appraised at the time of my death. ITEM I give and bequeath unto my two daughters Mary and Ann Woodhouse after my said wifes decease all and singular my household goods bedds and bedding brass pewter and all and every other of my household goods be equally shared parted and divided between them in equal proportions and as to all the rest and residue of my goods cattoll chattols wall and personal estate whatsoever after the payments of my just debts .. and funeral expenses. I give devise and bequeath the same unto my loving wife Mary Woodhouse whom I make and appoint full sole executive of this my will willing and devising her to do the same duty performed in every wish revoking and making void all former and other wills by me made and .. this . and no other to be my last will and testament IN Witness in hereof I have to this my will sett my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of October AD 1727.

Signed, Sealed, Published and declared by this testator
in the presence of us whose names are subscribed as
witnesses in the presence of the testator and at his request


Inventory of John Woodhouse 1727


A true and perfect Inventory of all the singular the goods chattolls and credits of John Woodhouse late of the Parish of Rowley Regis and in the county of Stafford and diocese of Worcester yeoman deceased. Taken and appraised this 10th day of November AD 1727. Taken and appraised by us where names are hereunto subscribed.

s d
Wearing apparel and money in purse
3 0 0
In the Hall a clock 2 0 0
A dresser and pewter
2 0 0
A table and six chairs
0 7 0
For the grate and all the rest of the iron
0 9 0
In the parlour the bed and all that belongs to it 3 0 0
A hanging press and chair table and chairs
2 0 0
Back kitchen boiler and all the rest of the brass 1 10 0
One kneading table and brewing vessells
0 10 0
Buttery barrels and shelves 0 4 0
Over the Hall Bed and all that belongs to it 2 0 0
One chest and linen
5 0 0
Two coffers and one box
0 3 0
Over the parlour one bed and all that belongs to it 2 0 0
In the cheese chamber cheeses 1 0 0
New cloth and
2 10 0
Over the back kitchen small spinning wheels 1 0 0
Seven cows and two Heifers
28 0 0
Two mares and gearing for them
9 0 0
Two . piggs
6 0 0
One wagon and two plows and harrows
7 4 0
One .. body and shafts 2
0 14 6
Geese Ducks and Hens
1 0 0
One iron spade shovel and mattock       }
and syths a pair of old . And other things }
1 1 0
One hackney, saddle and bridle grinding stones
0 7 0
Forks and rakes and cart muck hook
0 5 0
One cart rope and ladder
0 2 6
Wheat Pease Barley and Oates
15 0 0
10 0 0
For things in sight and out of sight
3 0 10
Sum    107 17 0
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