09 - 2043

Listing of Streets in Piece 2044

Superintendent Registrar's DistrictRegistrar's
Sub - District
Enumeration DistrictEcclesiastical
Street Names
DudleyTipton??St. MartinsNew Road
Toll End
Horseley House Road
DudleyTipton18St. MartinsNorth Aston Street
Bridge Road
Halls Building
Shrubbery Road
East Aston Street
Chapel Street East
Aston Street East
Nock Street
DudleyTipton19St. MartinsChurch Lane (1 of 2)
Canal Street
Church Lane (2 of 2)
Workhouse Lane
Keeling Street
Howard Street
Church Street
Exhibition Row
Morris's Fields
Brown's Building
DudleyTipton20St. MartinsRandles Lane
Park Lane
?DudleyTipton21St. MartinsHorseley Heath Road
Sheepwash Lane
Horseley Heath

09 - 2045

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