09 - 2056

Listing of Streets in Piece 2057

Superintendent Registrar's DistrictRegistrar's
Sub - District
Enumeration DistrictEcclesiastical
Street Names
Not ShownNot Shown18Not ShownRoad ?
Stafford Street (1 of 3)
Old Mill Street
Cross Street
Gads Lane
Not ShownDudley19St. ThomasStafford Street (2 of 3)
Meill Yard
The Barracks
Albert Street
Stafford Street (3 of 3)
Victoria Terrace
Not ShownDudley20Not ShownGrey Stone Street
Pitts Meadow
Dock Lane
Dock Gardens
Not ShownNot Shown21Not ShownOld Dock
Charlotte Street
Vauxhall Street (1 of 2)
Cleavland Street
DudleyDudley22St. ThomasWellington Road
Waterloo Street/ New Dock
Not ShownDudley23Not ShownQueens Cross
Vauxhall Street (2 of 2)
Angel Street
Back of Crown Inn

09 - 2058

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